Sr NTR's Musical Song Selection!

By - May 28, 2016 - 08:00 PM IST

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Jagadekaveeruni Kadha will be remembered forever in the list of most successful films from Vijaya Productions house. This film enhanced the glamour of Sr NTR in the role of a prince. Dialogues and Lyrics by Pingali reached new dimensions in it. ‘Jalakalaatalalo’,’O Cheli Oho Sakhi’, ‘Varinchi Vacchina Maanava Veerudu’, ‘ Ayinadhemo Ayinadhi’, ‘Shiva Shankari’ – all these songs are from this film.

Another interesting aspect of this film is that- Ghantasala; who sang for NTR in this film sang ‘Aasa..Ekasa’ for comedian Relangi! Apart from all these songs, there is another heart wrenching song Raa Raa..Kana Raa Raa..Karuna Maalinara..Priyatamalaara’.

Divine Women from Heavens comes to Planet Earth and the Hero falls in love with them. When the hero is totally in love with them, they leave the planet suddenly as per their call. This song arrives when Hero is distraught with this sudden departure in a heart wrenching manner. Pingali gave some fantastic lyrics for the song. Music director Pendyala Nageshwara Rao composed multiple tunes for the lyrics. Producer, and Director liked all those tunes .

But unable to decide which tune to select for the song, they called Sr NTR and asked him to tell which tune he liked best in it. Sr NTR heard all the tunes carefully and finally selected the tune which was based on Raag Bageshwari. The tune projected the sad situation so well and the song was a tremendous hit. Ghantasala’s playback and Sr NTRs amazing acting skills worked wonders on silver screen. Watching the situation and song, audience were in sorrow and in tears.