NTR's Old Video Going Viral

By - February 10, 2018 - 10:41 AM IST

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Since the last few weeks, you would have come across a lot of stuff being written about the biopic of the great N T Rama Rao and the squabbles revolving around that. However, the great man was not just a demigod superstar but a man with a vision and a passion towards the welfare of the Telugu people.

At a time when the people of Andhra Pradesh are waging a strong battle against the center with regards to the special status, an old video of NTR has come out which is adding more boost to their movement. The video shows NTR talking few facts on how the Centre is trying to grab the smaller states by their neck and establish control.

He has strongly demanded that states should be entrusted with more autonomous powers so that development can happen rapidly and dependency on the center can reduce. This video is now garnering a lot of attention striking a chord with the people. Let us wish the people of Andhra Pradesh succeed in their struggle and fulfill NTR’s dream.