Brahmanandam - not a comedian!

By - January 14, 2014 - 05:02 PM IST

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Yes… we say he is not a comedian!


Well he is a ‘Hero’?

Can you deny?? Of course this is just not what we say but indeed a unanimous statement. In the recent past, this has even turned into a fact with films running on him and some taking birth for him.

Need some clarity? Well let’s split his career into some big pieces:

Piece 1: Baby Brahmi
Brahmanandam has always remained one of the ace comedians of Tollywood right from his first film Aha Na Pellanta (1987). He had best times in the reign of the Hasya Brahma Jandhyala in the 80s.

Piece 2: Rising Brahmi
Then in the 90s, he was a must beside the hero as his friend, relation or he had a special track with other comedians like that in ‘Vinodam’! We got to witness some of his remarkable performances in Appula Appa Rao, Chitram Bhalare Vichitram et al.

That is when RGV stepped in…(thokkalodi)! He changed the image of Brahmanandam big time and made him the ‘Khan Dada’ of our state. Until then, we never felt he could ‘seriously’ make us laugh! Money…Money Money…Anaganaga Oka Roju were a series of films that took him to different horizons altogether. His domination started – “Yes…We want to talk to Nelloru Pedda Reddy right now!”

Piece 3: Ultimate Brahmi
Then comes the decade of 2000s where his prominence in a film increased to such an extent that he actually got special characters in every film. Those characters got popular on par with the film and sometimes even more than the film [Sorry we had to be frank!]

Per say can we forget Mr. Lavangam in Manmandhudu, Mr. Balu in Malleswari, the lie detector cop in Super, Brahmi the Software engineer in Pokiri, Athadu, Gamyam, Bobby in Krishna, Head constable Pranav in Jalsa, McDowel Murthy in Ready, Idly Viswanath in Neninthe, Chari in Dhee et al?
His craze went to peaks with ‘Padmashri’ in Dookudu which involved Nagarjuna garu also [Nag: Nannu involve cheykandi chari garu :p ]

Precisely Puri Jagannath, Trivikram and Srinu Vaitla were the trio who made Brahmi a Hero!

Piece 4: Hero Brahmi
He even forayed as a hero with Babai Hotel in 1992 but he didn’t strike gold.
And then in 1997 with Super Heroes – no luck!
Again after almost a decade in 2013 with Jaffa – unfortunately not even this time!

But films based on him aren’t stopping – Bangkok lo Brahmanandam is the upcoming one!

With the constant evolution, some actors leap ahead while some just retire or forced to retire if they fail to upgrade. But, Brahmanandam is just one quintessential advanced actor who has several versions upgraded in him by default that he is actually unleashing one version per generation.

He rose to the level of an alter ego of a ‘hero’ but unfortunately he was never successful as a hero!

But, come what may, he is definitely our HERO!