Stars make iQlik Anniversary Special

By - March 16, 2014 - 01:58 PM IST

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They say "Success isn't a destination...it is a Journey"

And we have reached our first milestone in our journey. On this occasion, besides the accomplishments and flaws we adorn in this one year, we decided to thank one and all. There is a conceptional theory about film celebrities - how they go high and mighty with success. But frankly our stars have just showed how warm and grounded they are. They have immediately given a nod on our invitation and not just that, they did grace our anniversary and made it special.

We would like to once again thank directors Sukumar, Maruthi, V.N. Adithya, Madhura Sreedhar, Veerabhadram, actors Sundeep Kishan, Aravind Krishna, Chaitanya Krishna, Sudhakar, Abhijith, Venkat, Raja Ravindra, Anirudh, Naveen Chowdary, music composers R.P. Patnaik, Raghu Kunche, Sai Karthik, Josyabhatla, lyricist Rama Jogayya Sastry, producers Daamu, Jagan Mohan and other special invitees VN Sateesh et al for their gracious presence. And beautiful ladies Ritu Varma, Nikhita Narayan, Vitika Sheru, Preethi - you brought that extra glamor and colors to our 'iQlik Movies Colors of Cinema' anniversary...Thank You!

Our special thanks to directors Sukumar, Maruthi, VN Adithya for launching the official Android App of iQlik Movies.com. Now, your favorite iQlik Movies will be available in Google Play Store [Android] We shall be foraying into other platforms as well very shortly.

On this eve, we took the opportunity to promote young and promising talent blossoming in the industry. Amidst our stars, iQlik Movies launched Mr. Spicy Baloo with his debut music video album 'Mr. Spicy'. The vidoe album shall be available on our official You Tube Channel and our site shortly. Watch and Enjoy!

We would like to offer our sincere and heartfelt thanks to our distinguished media friends who expressed their love and support by gracing the event.

We shall be grateful ever to our beloved viewers, readers, followers, friends and well wishers of iQlik Movies. You have always been our biggest support and motivating system. Keep supporting us as you ever did while we shall continue to give our best in delivering quality content 'Everywhere and Anytime'.

iQlik Movies - Committed to deliver Best Entertainment Everywhere and Anytime.

Qlik here for the Event photos.