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By - March 14, 2014 - 06:04 PM IST

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> The Live Streaming of historic Jana Sena Party debut poilitcal meet has started. Watch it here

> The Jana Sena theme song is being played on the LED at the back.

> The hall is revurberating with the theme song and the slogans of the fans.

> Everyone is awaiting Pawan's arrival.

> The audio at the venue has been stalled for a while due to technical constraints and was resumed shortly with improved quality.

> Animated video comprising of the party's logo is being played on the LED screen on the stage.

> Only half of the invited fans have filled the hall. Many are are still coming in.

> Huge security and huge crowd turning up for the meet.

> Announcement and introductory welcoming speech has started.

> Pawan speech started with "Naa Paristhiti..."

> Pawan speaking emotionaly remembering Bala Gangadhar Lines and recites English proverbs

> Pawan shoots indirectly referring indirectly to Chiranjeevi

> "Gundello Unna Annayya..Thandri taravata Thandri Annayya"... Pawan supports his brother Chiru and fires at Congress Party High Command.

> "Meeru chupinche abhimanam mundu ivevi nilavavu"... Pawan announces "Mana Telangana" "Poru Telangana"

> Pawan announces Party name "Jana Sena". Adds "Mee Sena", "Samanyuni Sena" "Ee Bharata Desa Sena"

> Pawan targets oppositions their comments and satires. Questions them "Meerevaru?" "Naa Telangana ki Nenenduku Kshamapana Cheppadaniki"

> Pawan questions Digvijay Singh "Nenu ela kanapaduthunna?" AND fires electric satires at KCR

> "Sachchipodanikaina sidhdhapadatha kani Vennu Choopanu" - Pawan declares. Shares his feelings before the political entry decision.

> Pawan speech going so lively, with funny onliners with fans.

> "Family kanna Bharatadesam and bharatadesa prajau mukhyam" declares Pawan

> "Nenu politics loki veltanante na mitrudu Trivikram ki kuda ishtamledu. But athanitho godava pettukuni vachesanu. Raju from Warangal helped me a lot."

> "Cinemalapaina Interest thaggipothondi. Daniki kaaranam Delhi vaallu. Vallani thittandi" points Congress for his foray into politics.

> Pawan shares his childhood experiences with our society's educational system and Andhra Police, narrating a memory.

> Pawan shares his questions right from him upbringing as a childhood and his introduction to 'Telangana Saayudha Poratalu'

> "Wanted to commit suicide out of frustration" - Pawan. Gives the credit to his brothers for his recovery.

> I have ideological differences with Congress Men and I continue to fight against them. I'm against to the way they have split the state. I'm not against to Telangana or Seemaandhra.

> Pawan quotes the lines of Bhagat Singh and how he his inspiration. Pays tribute to him. "Nee sphoorti chcachchipoledu mitrama...nenunna" - Pawan Kalyan

> Pawan shoots satires at BJP leader Venkayya Naidu and Congress Minister Jairam Ramesh about the bifurcation.

> Now it is the turn of Telangana Leader Jagga Reddy and V. Hanumantha Rao. Showers praises on them and punches satires at V. Hanumanth Rao and Rahul Gandhi. Whistles and Howls in the hall.

>Evarikee telikunda 30 manditho thirigithe meeku OK na? Ala miku telisina mee mitrulu unnaru kada..Meeru na vyakthigatha jeevitham pai vimarsalu cheste, nenu mee Abbai, Alludu andari vyakthigatha jeevitalu baitikiteestha - Pawan Kalyan on V. Hanumantha Rao.

> I don't have personal media, channels but I've my fans, social media, I'll go on them. If you concentrate on my personal life, I'll concentrate on your personal lives. I won't target personal lives rather just professional life - Pawan

> Now reminds Media their responsibility and then comments on political leaders Kavitha and her brother Taraka Rama Rao.

> Recalls Bheemraowada incident and goes hard on Congress again.

> Questions acutely the govt. about Nirbhaya Act and Acid Attacks on Women in India and country; quotes Warangal Swapnika incident recalling his experience about her; "Inka ye aadapilla ki ila jaraganivvakunda choodannaya" - her last lines to Pawan.

> Pawan is back on state bifurcation procedure implemented by the govt. Questions about the reasons behind it. Mentions about his favorite advocate Nani Palkiwala and his quotes in a book. Metaphorically referring to the state bifurcation.

> Appreciates the conversation of political leader Srinivas Goud about state bifurcation. Goes keen on Telangana, his exploration and research about Telangana. Blames the instability of our political system for the current state's pathetic condition.

> Shares his embarrassing experience with an "old man" at his office during Prajarajyam Times. Explains his understanding about the rooted feelings of Telangana and Andhra in and around him. Brings him in TRS leader Dr. Shravan on this note.

> "Desam hithavu korukune vaadni..naku CM post thuchchamainadi. Nenu Andhrodino Telangavadino kadu, Nenu Bharateeyudini" declares Pawan Kalyan.

> "Thuchchamaina raajakeeyalu cheste thatateestha emanukuntunnao!" warns all the corrupt politicians.

> "Idi Kharma bhoomi. Ilanti desamlo evaru prajalni vidagottali anukunna, samoolamga naasanam ipotaaru". Utters Bammera Pothana's lines "Inthinthai vatudinthai..." emotionally. Quotes Telangana's eminent author Ilayya's line as well. Sings Gaddar's "Jham Jham Mari" song. Emotional uproar in the hall.

> "Seemandhra prajala premento gaayapadda Gaddaranna ni adigandi...meeru cheppakandi" affirms Pawan Kalyan emotionally.

> "Telangana lo prathi raithuki koti roopaayalu vachchela cheyandi" requests Pawan. Urges politicians to stop dividing people on basis of religion, language, accent. Mentions the sacrifices of students like Srikanth Sarma and the anguish of his mother.

> Acknowledges the contributions of former PM PV Narasimha Rao and the ill treatment of the Congress High Command. Talking about Anti-Hindi movement in Tamil Nadu in 60s and relating Rahul Gandhi's behavior in the Seemandhra recommending "Mr. Rahul Gandhi...Pls learn form your grandmother Indira Gandhi".

> "We are sick and tired of politics. Pls don't play divisive politics Mr. Jairam Ramesh. Please respect my brother and your cabinet colleague Chiranjeevi"

> "I'm not going to spare anyone including Sonia Gandhi. No matter what they are. who they are. I'm not going to give a damn. I'll fight. Ippatidaka desam kosam chachchipoye modati pichchivaadini nene!" - emotionally declares Pawan Kalyan. "Are you there? Are you there for me?" questions the fans. Are you there folks?

> Pawan Kalyan mentions about his Muslim friends, MIM Party leaders and put forths the discrimination over Muslims here in the state.

>  Jana Sena Party Agenda announced so far:

- Fight against Black Marketing
- Ensuring Women security atleast in the daylight.
- Ensuring Public health reaching out to the common man.
- Building a party with long term goals, visions and ethical leaders
- Jana Sena welcomes anyone with nation's interest over personal interest.
- I'm not interested in contesting in the upcoming elections.
- I'm not here to earn money or invest in anything. I'm not against to anyone. But I can't spare anyone who loot the common man.

> We are not sure of contesting in the forthcoming elections.
- We are not like the unstable AAP
- I don't take and entertain any "jumpers" in my party.
- I respect TRS over Congress.
- May the soul of late YSR rest in peace.
- I'm going to tour all the state shortly and research over the sustainable development of both the states.
- I'm willing to ally with anyone except Congress Party.

> Addressing all the ruling Congres Men mentioning Jairam Ramesh, Chidambaram, Digvijay Singh in particular-
"We are deeply hurt.  We are bleeding. We trusted you and you back stabbed us. That is why, I'm giving a call to the entire nation - Congress Hatao...Desh Bachao.. Jai Hind" - the last lines of Pawan's Speech.

--------PAWAN SPEECH END--------

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