Boyapati Srinu directions to Devi Sri Prasad

By - March 14, 2014 - 03:35 PM IST

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Boyapati Srinu is the most sought after man in Tollywood now. And that is undoubtedly because of Legend. He is the man who has raised the anticipations over Legend with the stupendous trailers and audio that was out recently. He got sky high expectations to measure up to and a cut-throat dead line [March 28th] to meet. That is why Boyapati is right now in Chennai giving special directions to music director Devi Sri Prasad for the ongoing re-recording of the film. He is busy extracting the desired powerful output and as you know DSP is quite a master at RR.

So far, the film is done with DI and DTS works and is spear heading for a release on March 28th without fail. There has been a huge buzz around the film and hence, it is grabbing rocketing demand in the market. According to our trade sources, the film has been priced above Rs. 10 crore just in Nizam area! So, given this demand, busy and tensed director Mr. Boyapati is immersed in getting the film ready within the stipulated date. Well, we can see the Lion is already roaring!

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