• Cast , Sonal Chauhan,
  • Banner14 Reels Entertainment
  • Editor Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
  • Cinematography C Ram Prasad
  • Music
  • Producer Anil Sunkara, Ram Achanta, Gopichand Achanta, Korrapati Sai
  • Director
  • Audio release date 07 Mar 2014

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Legend review


Posted: 21 May 2015-05:09 AM

Krishna (Balakrishna) and Sneha (Sonal Chauhan) are residents of Dubai and is a love couple who wants to get married in India. When they step in Visakhapatnam, they land in a brawl with the henchmen of the local goon and aspiring leader Jitendra [Jagapathi Babu] who is the most egoist antagonist any protagonist can have. His staunch belief in “Kill or get killed” trigger off rivalry with Jaya Dev, the much revered and worshipped man in the city of Visakhapatnam standing for the good and fighting the bad in the city. In the due course of their revenge saga, both Jitendra and Jaya Dev lose their respective family members including Radhika (the niece of Jaya Dev) who wishes to marry him. But when Krishna and his rest of the family are attacked by Jitendra, Jaya Dev is back into action. So, how did Jaya Dev (the Legend) stood for his family and people forms the crux of the story.

BalaKrishna: The Nandamuri Natasimham is back into action after Simha. The lion has unleashed its power once again. He is an all-rounder in action, emotion, comedy and other aspects of the film but he was a stunner with his breath taking dances as well. It just zipped the naysayers with his moves and grace – something all the newcomers will definitely be envious of. He was stylish, dynamic and vivacious in the first half, aggressive, emotional and legendary in the second half. His dialogues were music to ears and his performances were a treat to the eyes. In a nutshell, he was a feast to the fans!

Jagapathi Babu: With the Legend on one end, he snatches half the credit with his stellar performance as the egoist ‘Jitendra’ aka Jittu. He is the newfound baddie for the Telugu industry and he brings a glamor to the villain character in this high voltage entertainer. Though he eats punches from the hero, he added glamor and complemented Legend.

Sonal Chauhan: She is the glam doll in the film just confined to the first two songs but believe us, she is a “Time bomb” for sure. She is a beautiful opening breeze in the film.

Radhika Apte: She romances the Legend and indeed suited him too. She was of course a pleasure to watch with her mellowed character but certainly not better than her previous works. The language barrier was quite evident from her dialog delivery.

Brahmanandam: He was awesome as Gundu Manikyam and filled the essential gap with his comedy in the first half. Well, his dialogues and comedy are a must-watch!

The rest of cast including Suman, JP, LB Sriram, Brahmaji and others do justice to their respective characters.Last but not least, Boyapati’s daughter Joshita’s was super cute in her miniscule role.

Boyapati Srinu is a man who knows the pulse of the mass, especially Nandamuri fans. He just offered what fans want and at the right time. This a tailor made subject for Balayya Babu, indeed before the elections. It is obvious that the story is an old meat but it is told in the right fashion with the right amount of energy. From casting to promotion, he took care of every single frame of the film and today he got the desired output.


*Of course Balakrishna, his action, his dialogue delivery, his dances, his stunts and this list never ends. Especially the scene where he need to carry the heroine and eat punches by the villain and the subsequent emotional scene is a must watch. Don’t miss it.

*The breath taking action episodes right from the introductory dessert fight, the edgy horse ride fight in the first half.

*The high voltage interval bang action episode needs a special mention.

*Though the rest of the characters are conventional, the performances by the cast are incredible. In a way, the movie is unimaginable with Jagapathi Babu’s character – Boyapati deserves a tap.

*The sentiment scenes in the second half especially with the legend and his family.

*Comedy fares well in the limited space.

*Amazing dialogues play the key role in the film.


*Action episodes have rathergone overboard which might be uncomfortable to the family audience.

*The occasional English dialogs in fact looked artificial.

*The second half has a lag over the first half.

*The climax was relatively dilute.

In a nutshell, Boyapati delivered the much needed and expected output for the film. 

DSP already gave a chartbuster album but he has once again proved why he is a master at re-recording! The back ground score during the intense action episodes was impressive.

Hamsanandini’s “Laskutapa” item number was peppy enough. Cinematographer Ram Prasad’s work was top-notch. Even the editing was slick and engaging. The art direction deserves a mention.

Legend is an absolute mass entertainer, especially a perfect offering for the fans. Though it can be itchy for the family audience, both Legend and Jagapthi Babu shall hypnotize you. So, everyone who are above 18+… go and enjoy the mass entertaining magic!

Legend is an absolute mass entertainer, especially a perfect offering for the fans. Though it can be itchy for the family audience, both Legend and Jagapthi Babu shall hypnotize you. So, everyone who are above 18+… go and enjoy the mass entertaining magic!

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