Film On This Incredible Story

By - November 16, 2017 - 03:44 PM IST

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It is always nice to see some real life stories onscreen and lately the bollywood circuit has put a large focus on this genre. While they are coming up with many biopics they are also looking at stories based on real life incidents. Now, one incredible story has got tremendous potential.

It is about a 24 year old boy from Indore named Suyash Dixit who has identified a land between Sudan and Egypt and declared himself as the ruler. He has also designed his own flag and has applied to the United Nations to give this 2060 sq kms land a separate identity and pronounce him as the king.

Suyash’s picture has gone viral and it has caught the attention of the cine folks. They claim that in Telugu making a film on this incredible story is tough but in Bollywood it can work out fabulously well. Meanwhile, some are also trying to figure out how successful will Suyash be in this attempt.

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