Release Headaches For Legend Makers?

By - March 26, 2014 - 01:25 PM IST

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The makers of Legend film are getting tensed with the latest turn of events now. Though they have already announced that the film will be having a theatrical release on March 28th, the issues with the censor board and a prominent distributor are making the release doubtful…

If we get into the details – Censor Board officer Dhana Lakshmi has already suggested a couple of cuts in the film’s run to get the final clearance. Adding to that - as the film’s main subject revolves around politics and is filled with many controversial dialogues aimed at political parties from Andhra and Telangana, the censor board has asked to remove [or beep] all those dialogues. She has asked the makers to get a No-Objection-Certificate from the state Election Commission at least! A series of discussions are happening between the producers and censor members now.

On the other hand, Gayatri Films [distributor from Uttarandhra region] has lodged a complaint to halt the film’s release until the producers clear his balance amount of 2+ crores. 14 Reels have to pay Gayatri Films the specified amount to get a clearance from the film chamber now..

We’ve to wait for few more hours to get a clarity about Legend’s final release details!