RGV's Two Versions About Chiranjeevi

By - March 26, 2014 - 11:36 AM IST

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We know RGV is a man of controversy but looks like he’s a man with double strands too! The dichotomy in his tweets about Chiranjeevi with regard to his political career should clearly enunciate this for the common man. If you can’t agree, check out these tweets:
"Chiranjeevi is a phenomenon and the people of Andhra Pradesh are not and they proved that by not making him a chief minister. But I anyday want to see the people of AP queuing up for Chiranjeevi’s tickets rather than Chiranjeevi queuing up for the fuckers votes. I used the word fuckers becos any given day I luv Chiranjeevi much more than I luv the people of Andhra Pradesh"

- a tweet back in 2011.

Reading this, anyone would easily fall under the impression that he is an ardent fan of Chiru [as he always expressed to be!]... But here is his latest tweet:
"Congress hataav deshbachaav... .Chiranjeevi hataav raashtrbachaav”

This recent tweet has evoked a furore from the hardcore Mega fans. While Kalyan fans and Jana Sena followers are quite happy about the free mileage they are attaining through RGV, hardcore RGV fans are defending his difference of opinions. But come what may, RGV would not step back! What more tweets are yet to hit is anyone’s guess!