Will the Controversy Influence Tollywood?

By - November 23, 2017 - 06:20 PM IST

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As embarrassing as it may sound the ongoing controversy regarding the Nandi Awards has put the government of Andhra Pradesh on a sticky wicket. It has also cast a negative light on the jury panel and things got further aggravated with the likes of Posani Krishnamurali lashing out at everyone.
In this process a new talk began to emerge that the possibilities of the Tollywood circuit shifting from Hyderabad to Andhra Pradesh has been wiped off. Given the biased approach happening in AP, it is being believed that Tollywood will stay put in Hyderabad. However, this doesn’t seem like a statement with rationale.
Fact remains that in just a few days the controversy will be silenced and everybody will get back to their works. And once the memory fades the thoughts about expanding Tollywood’s infrastructure in Andhra Pradesh will resurface. So, one controversy will certainly not influence a thing like this. 

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