'Mental Madhilo' Strategy Working

By - November 23, 2017 - 06:37 PM IST

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Creating a good story and shaping it up into a good movie is one part of the cinema process, the real deal comes when you are able to take it to the public in the right manner. This requires a proper strategy and whenever the makers have implemented it rightly they have reaped profits at the box office.
One man who is quite good at that is producer Raj Kandukuri. His conviction about his product is high and he pushes it to the maximum. He is doing it now for his next Mental Madhilo which is hitting the screens this Friday. Apparently, the film has gone through several previews for the Tollywood folks and they are sharing their positive reactions.
This has created a very positive buzz in the social media and films of such genre have their maximum audience in this segment. This strategy has certainly ensured that the openings are going to be good for the movie and if the content clicks the registered hit would also be on the cards for sure. Way to go Raj Kandukuri!