5 Interesting Things about Pawan Speech

By - March 15, 2014 - 10:47 AM IST

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Pawan Kalyan is a spectating orator and he absolutely talks his mind and heart as well. As expected he undoubtedly delivered an impressive speech last night that emotionally tugged the masses and his fans especially. But, his speech has been already scrutinized by political analysts and here are their observations:

  • Pawan appealed natural speaking from the bottom of his heart unlike his brother Chiranjeevi does. Interestingly, instead of firing his brother as expected, he sounded very pro-Chiru and blamed the Congress for the current situation.
  • Though he declared he is an “Indian”, his speech unarguably contained relatively more emphasis on Telangana with terms like “Mana Telangana”, “Naa Telangana” etc and one reference to “Seemandhra Prema ento…”
  • Acutely questioning his own caste base “Nenu Mimmalni adigaana?” shows his sheer guts which indicates Pawan Kalyan is a Leader. As no contemporary politician ever dared or shall dare to comment the section of his own caste.
  • Surprisingly, he called Chandra Babu “a good man”. So, is there any political innuendo here?
  • His agenda sounded banal, non-articulate lacking enough research, clarity and enough emphasis on “how Jana Sena will resolve the problems”.
  • The way he lashed Congress and TRS reflected the common man’s anguish but the way he summarized his entire anti-congress agenda in one line – “Congress ko Hatao…Desh ko Bachao” was the ultimate highlight!