Will Mega Fans Stay With Chiranjeevi?

By - March 21, 2014 - 11:28 AM IST

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The equations between the fans and their favorite film heroes are seeing a drastic change as we are heading to the 2014 elections! Megastar Chiranjeevi is very much known for his huge star base that Tollywood had ever seen. And, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is also known for his ardent followers and most of them were said to be existing Mega fans.  But, the upcoming assembly elections in Andhra and Telangana might have a huge Impact on this fans and followers of Mega Brothers!

As soon as the news about Pawan Kalyan’s political entry broke out, most of the mega fans were concerned about their heroes and worried about the stand that they need to take. Mega brother Nagababu has released a video clarifying about the stand every mega fan need to take and Chiranjeevi has also expected the same loyalty.

But, the things are going the other way. Most of the Mega Fans are openly supporting Pawan Kalyan, his ideologies and his new party Jana Sena. When we got to dig deep into this issue, we’ve heard that most of the young fans will lean towards Pawan Kalyan.

For example, Mallikarjun was one of the ardent followers of Chiranjeevi and was an active member in PRP during 2009 elections. Numerous allegations on the party and merging it with Congress haven’t gone well with him and he kept quiet for a while. With Pawan’s entry into politics, Mallikarjun has joined in Jana Sena and is now an active member of Jana Sena. This is just one of the many cases and we might see a big shift in the fan base of Megastar going forward…