Karthikeya Dialogues Creates Positive Buzz

By - May 28, 2014 - 01:35 PM IST

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Hero Nikhil and Colors Swathi are all pumped up about their up upcoming release Karthikeya and are happy about the response for the theatrical trailer and the music. The feedback for the just released trailer is terrific and it is also being said that the film’s business has been closed prior to its theatrical release!

If we look at the trailer, we can’t ignore the dialogues and the background score. Dialogues were written by the film’s director Chandu himself and were impressive enough to create some buzz. The lines like “Konni Abaddhaalu Aalochinchakunda Nammutam, Konni Nijaalu Nammadaaniki Aalochistam”, “Gundramgaa Thirige Bhoomiki Vaastu Enti Sir? Idi Aagneyam Idi Vaayuvyam Ani Elaa Decide Chestaaru Sir” and “Prasna ni Prasnalaa Vadhileyatam Kannaa Praanaalu Vadhileyadam Better” are among the effective dialogues.

Karthikeya looks like a sure shot winner and the pre-release buzz is very high for this low-budgeted film. The producers are already in table profits and the total margin will be known once the film gets released in both the languages of Telugu and Tamil…