Will Mahesh Support the New Ghattamaneni Hero?

By - June 13, 2014 - 07:02 PM IST

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The time has come for yet another Ghattamaneni hero to make his foray into the prestigious Telugu cinema where his grandfather, father, uncle, grandmother and others have created a rich legacy. Now, the young starlet needs to follow their footsteps and mark up to the expectations of the family and fans.

And the young tyro is none other than Naresh’s son Naveen. Naresh has been the Comedy King for a period of Telugu cinema and is now a busy supporting actor. But his son Naveen is all set to become a hero. He has already slimmed down phenomenally and is now ready to enthrall everyone with his killing six-pack too!

Well, plans are being made to launch Naveen through Friendly Movies banner produced by Addala Chanti. An official announcement is expected in a week or so.

Now, the bigger suspicion here is – Does Mahesh Babu supports this young hero as he supported Sudheer Babu? Though the Ghattamaneni family appears to be ‘one’, there are some unsung differences. Now Vijaya Nirmala’s grandson is making a foray, will Superstar Mahesh Babu endorse his entry - is the most interesting topic of discussion in the film nagar.