Big Hero's Dig on FACEBOOK and TWITTER

By - July 09, 2014 - 10:01 AM IST

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Internet, Social Media has become the buzz word these days and almost everyone is addicted to it. The Celebrities make the best of use of Social Networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and use them as the right platform to post their daily updates. But, one big hero thinks otherwise and have thrashed the whole idea by taking a dig on the two most important entities Facebook and Twitter.

He is none other than Salman Khan and sharing his thoughts during a press meet, Salman reportedly said “Facebook and Twitter are the most redundant and useless things. When there is nothing to do, many come and sit on these two. I sometimes wonder whether anyone is really working or not.

Sometimes when I get bored, I tweet asking ‘what’s up’ or take a selfie or a pic of my shoe. Within no time, the replies start flooding in. I begin to think if these people have jobs, are they from school, don’t they sleep, where they are from. So, I think this is the most nonsense thing and it would be better to give it a meaning.” Salman said this in reference to the charity acts he has been doing and it is heard that he will now be taking to the social media platform to expand his charity acts. Already he has an organization ‘Being Human’ involved in various things.

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