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Popular TV host and actress Rashmi Gautam (Jabardast fame) is a Barbie doll who is always seen alive and kicking.

But, the bubbly diva is all fumed up over a popular search engine. The reason behind this is that the Google search results on her name shows some ‘Naidruva Reddy’ mentioned as her spouse. This seems to have irked the hottie and she vented her fury in her twitter handle –

“I'm not married how can such blunders be made”
, affirmed the young actress.

Google her name and even you might be wondered to see the spouse’s name of unmarried Rashmi Gautam. Well, this mistake hasn’t been rectified yet [not till the last check].

On the other hand, Rashmi Gautam was previously rumored to have been married to Naidruva Reddy and maintaining a low profile over her personal life. But with the latest confirmation, all such rumors are squashed down.

Let’s see if that blunder is rectified and Rashmi finds some sleep tonight!

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