Uday Kiran's Dialogue As Title

By - September 09, 2014 - 01:15 PM IST

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“May those who follow their fate be granted happiness; may those who defy it be granted glory”- these are the words from Mizuo Shinonome and it must be said that hero Uday Kiran can be quoted as the perfect example for that. In an industry which runs on backing and Godfathers, Uday rose to become a star and earned huge fame.

Though he is no longer amidst us, his presence is always felt. Now, one dialogue of his has got registered at the film chamber and is arriving as a film. ‘Ee Peddollunnare….’ – Uday said this dialogue in his super hit flick Nuvvu Nenu. It is a trademark dialogue and many times those who imitated Uday Kiran onstage or in any show used to repeat this dialogue.

Now, Ee Peddollunnare has become a film and it is being directed by Koneti Srinu. The film comes with a tagline that reads ‘We Love You’. Slated to be a perfect youth entertainer, the film caught attention purely due to the title. Many say this title will remind many of Uday Kiran and his fans will feel very nostalgic for a while.