Is It Goodbye Ileana?

By - October 31, 2014 - 11:14 AM IST

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From many decades, Tollywood has been the training hub for all those beauties who come from Mumbai. For some of them, it became a source of their livelihood and also their steps to stardom and fame in the entertainment industry. That way, many starlets owe a lot to Tollywood. One among them is Ileana.
At a time when she was just a face in the crowd, Tollywood made her a star heroine. Having paired up with many star heroes in her career, Ileana suddenly left for Mumbai and joined Bollywood. While many thought she would do a film or two in Hindi and return, it is becoming evident that she has no interest to step into filmnagar again.
From a long time, Ileana has been doing only Hindi films and there is not even a gossip of her looking at south. The cine biggies in Tollywood say she has quit Telugu cinema forever and it is a permanent goodbye. Well, it appears that Ileana has joined the club of the Malayalam beauty Asin then. Best of luck to her at Mumbai and condolences to her fans here!