Ileana's Gyan to Ice Bucket Challengers

By - August 27, 2014 - 07:01 PM IST

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Yes…we are seeing every tom dick and harry doing up an Ice Bucket Challenge! Be it fun or awareness, this has really turned contagious.

Keeping aside the awareness and donation part, most of them do it for fun sake. And if anyone is donating, god and ALS Association should alone know!

In the celebrity circuit, every day some or the other celebrity does this, posts a video and challenges some other. If the count of the celebs taking part in this is growing every day, on the flipside, there are also stars who think this ‘Ice Bucket’ thing is of no use.

The other day, South actress Sanjjanaa preferred Rice Bucket to the Ice Bucket, B’wood diva Sonakshi did it with just 1 Ice cube instead of wasting a bucket full of water. And today curvaceous beauty Ileana has a piece of advice for all the Ice Bucket Challengers.

“Dumping ice on your head isn't going to change much..consider donating to this cause and raise awareness about #ALS– tweeted Ileana this afternoon.

So, she believes in donating than mere dumping – Good one! So, is anyone listening?

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