Young Mega Hero's Godavari Accent

By - August 27, 2014 - 03:45 PM IST

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Our Telugu language is one of the few languages with many dialects – that is the beauty of our language!

In Telugu cinema, we heard our heroes speaking the prominent dialects of our two Telugu states. But the Godavari accent is something many heroes gave a shot many-a-times. Of course, not many could impress. But Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, Srikanth and recently Mahesh Babu proved that they are absolute masters at this slang. Not many in the younger generation got any such roles or tried anything on these lines.

But young Mega hero Varun Tej has got that challenging opportunity with his debut film itself. Sreekanth Addala (who hails from West Godavari) always had his heroes speak in the Godavari accent - be it Varun Sandesh or Mahesh Babu. Now, even in Mukunda, fans are expecting Varun Tej to flaunt his dubbing skills with the accent.

Currently, Varun is participating in the dubbing sessions of Mukunda, especially on the advice of the director. Moreover, all the heroes from the Mega family have come up with their original voices. So, Varun had to go for his own dubbing.

Well, a debutante hero is supposed to give an all-round performance and put his best! Let’s see if he is going to give us any surprise! Good luck!

Meanwhile, the first look teaser of the film is scheduled up for a release on the eve of Pawan Kalyan’s birthday (Sep 2).

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