Senior Actress To Join RGV

By - August 27, 2014 - 12:53 PM IST

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Whenever the name of Ram Gopal Varma pops up, only two reactions come from the public. His stamina to come up with films and his guts to express his frank opinion on women. Ramu has always believed that he needs women for sex and nothing more. But despite his approach, he has many female admirers drooling over him.

Now, one name to be mentioned in that list is that of Bollywood actress Suchitra Krishnamoorthy. She expressed her desire in the wildest manner for RGV in her autobiography and also narrated on how Ramu reacted to her proposal. Ironically, Suchitra was then married to the noted filmmaker Shekhar Kapur.

Cut to the present, there is a buzz going on that after his erotic venture XES, RGV may make a film in combination with Suchitra. This combination can get sensational then.

Well, RGV has now recently worked with his ex heroine Revathi for the film Anukshanam, that's about to release in September. 

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