Secret Behind JD's Hand Band

By - August 27, 2014 - 09:53 AM IST

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Actor Chakravarthy who comes from the school of director Ram Gopal Varma got a surname attached after he entered Tollywood. It is 'JD' after the name of his character in the cult classic hit Shiva. Since then, the two alphabets stuck with him. But right now, the talk is on about something else.

It has to do with a 'hand band' that is wrapped around JD’s right hand wrist. He was spotted with it during the launch of the new movie Ice- Cream 2 and also outside. If you are thinking it is just the result of a recent accident, then you are mistaken. There is a deeper story behind it which indicates how your past falls can affect you.

Apparently, when JD was shooting for his movie Bombay Priyudu, his hand got fractured. At that point, he didn't care much about it. But unfortunately, he suffered an extra growth in the bone resulting in pain. Thus, after so many years it got relapsed and is troubling JD. Sources say he is not taking it light this time and is undergoing treatment. Well, takecare JD!

Unlike himself and his movies, his 'hand band' story gives a message to us!

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