• Cast J D Chakravarthy, Nandu, Naveena
  • BannerBheemavaram Talkies
  • Editor Sanga Prathap Kumar
  • Cinematography Anji
  • Music Pradyodan
  • Producer Tummalapalli Rama Satyanarayana
  • Director
  • Audio release date 21 Sep 2014

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Ice Cream 2 review

“Jungle mein Mangal“

Posted: 25 November 2014-06:12 AM

Vikas (Nandu), Naveena (Naveena), Sashi (Bhupal Raju), Aakash (Siddhu), Keshav (Dhanraj) and gang choose an abandoned chemical factory compound for their short film shoot. They encounter Sikka (JD Chekravarthy), Jeeva & gang who hid in the compound after robbing a bank. Some unexpected deaths in both the camps raise panic all over. What is the reason behind these deaths? Could they complete the short film? Or did Sikka & Co have a home run with the money? How did this mystery solve forms the plot of the story.

Given the fact that there is only a single emotion throughout the film i.e. being scared, everyone enacted fear well. But out of them, JD stole the show with his eccentric makeup and histrionics. Meanwhile, the new girl Naveena did a decent job [For all those who expect some steamy scenes or songs, remember visuals can be deceiving]. All the rest deliver a mediocre performance.

Given the fact that this is not a first-of-its-kind or never-told-before story to be told with flow sound technology, eccentric director Ram Gopal Varma actually does have some characters & drama running around unlike the first installment of Ice Cream. In fact, this film reminds us of the maverick’s earlier Adavi (2009) starring Nithin, Nisha Kothari et al.  

In terms of story, Ice Cream seems to appeal better than the first version but if you have to emphasize on the “effect” (as RGV calls it), Ice Cream was a much novel attempt. JD’s ‘Sikka’ character should be amusing to an extent with his unique antics and Dhanraj also managed to pull it off in a scene or two. Otherwise, it is always the enacted ‘panic’ that prevails throughout the film. If loud violence and bizarre sounds scare you then this can be a paisa vasool for you. The best thing was that RGV did not stuff the steamy promotional content (Naveena Kiss Me song) in the story.

- Flow Sound Design
- JD’s performance.
- Naveena’s glamor.

- Storyline
- Lackadaisical Narrative.
- Grating Songs

Though Music by Satya Kashyap was mediocre and Flow Sound Design by Seshu MR was impressive.

Art Department did a commendable job – the abandoned building in the film was good and apt for the script. RGV’s cameo in a POV (Point of View) shot and his dialogues were good.

Ice Cream 2 is an exterior version of Ice Cream. RGV is back with the Flow Sound and a Jungle Drama. If you have liked Ice Cream, you might excuse Ice Cream 2 as well. In a way, if you think something is better than nothing, then Ice Cream 2 should be better than its predecessor. Good luck and Happy Watching!

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