'Ice Cream-2' In 316 Shops

By - November 20, 2014 - 09:54 AM IST

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Nothing fills your taste buds with delicious juices when you think of having your favorite ice cream. But when you have a filmmaker like Ram Gopal Varma, even an ice cream can become a scary experience. Well, the eccentric genius is all set to arrive with his new movie Ice Cream 2 on November 21st.

The release is happening across both states and guess what, it is arriving in a total of 316 theatres. Some are commenting how come such poor quality movie is getting so many theatres. Well, if that is so then how did it get so many theatres? Why are the theatre owners and exhibitors showing so much interest? That too, unit members reveal the theatres are going by revenue sharing model and not rental system.

Talk is that they strongly believe youth will come and movie will work. The song ‘Ice Fruit’ featuring Naveena has also worked a lot. Moreover, well known stars are there so that has added to the brand value. Given the budget for this film, technically it is a profitable project before release. Even if one show gets 60% to 80% occupancy among all the theaters then the profits will be phenomenal.

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