Role Model Wife In Tollywood

By - November 20, 2014 - 10:33 AM IST

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The general perception that many of us have about film celebrities and their personal lives is somewhat stigmatic. Some of us feel relations run on a flimsy line and this is the reason why many couples break up after marriage. But that is not the entire truth. There are also many couples who are always there for each other and stand by a lifetime commitment.

Bollywood has seen many such couples and now Tollywood is having its share of young couples. One among them is Nandu-Geeta Madhuri and all praises are currently getting heaped on Geeta Madhuri. They are calling her the role model wife because she is putting constant updates on her Facebook profile about her hubby.

Anything which is being printed or spoken about Nandu in media she is putting it up on Facebook. It also includes all newspaper cuttings and given her fan following, the brand quotient of Nandu is rapidly increasing. True to her efforts, even Nandu is complimenting well by giving some fine performances in all his films. Way to go both!

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