Ice Cream 2 Preview

By - November 20, 2014 - 11:39 AM IST

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As we all know that RGV is attempting to create a parallel cinema industry with a core objective to control the product costs, remunerations and maximize the returns. RGV has been trying from ages to scare the audience with his horror thrillers but got a partial success rate. Let us hope that he can glue us to the seats and scare the HELL out of us at least this time with Ice Cream 2.

Aftermath, it is still RGV and we never know the outcome and he may come out with flying colors. Last but not least together RGV and the Producer Ram Satyanaryana should get their credits for producing a movie with low cost and a probability to generate maximum profits.

Things to watch:
- Ice Cream 2 is an intense horror thriller film with a high scale of erotic essence.

- Debutant beauty Navena from the stylish city of Bangalore is going to put you on the edge of the seats with her hot avatar [Ice Fruit Video Song Brought Craze To Her].
- As always since it is RGV behind the camera you will see quite a few new talented faces.
- JD will be seen after a long time with an unusual scary look. Hopefully he will be seen more often after Ice Cream 2.
- Nandu will be featured for the first time under RGV’s direction.
- He took the flow cam technology to a whole new level which had been utilized outdoors Vs indoors in Ice Cream series.

RGV Controversial Column:

Do you remember RGV’s live debate about Ice Cream with film critics and his open challenge questioning the integrity and qualification of the reviewers with a mix of highly controversial statements? Are we going to witness any this time? Let us wait and see.

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