Ice Cream Girl's Shocking Trasformation!

By - September 15, 2014 - 12:18 PM IST

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Ball Ice Cream turns Cornetto! Family pack Ice Cream turns into a Cone Ice cream!

Likewise Naveena transforms into a New 'Ice Cream' Naveena!

Going into the details, we keep seeing numerous ‘Before and After’ Ads on pamphlets, papers and even on TVs every day. Many even come on TV and start lecturing that if they are alive today it’s because of that particular product demonstrated in the ad.

Well, we know all those are alluring marketing strategies but the underlying secret behind every weight loss or gain is sheer determination, conviction and hard work.

Even the above mentioned three are the main reasons behind a plump Naveena in 2013 turning into a svelte sultry siren in just one year. Now, this enticing beauty is the girl in everyone’s wet dreams! RGV is known for his glamorous dolls and many heroines like Urmila, Nisha Kothari et al have ruled the roost with the brand image.

Now, even Naveena is all set to burn you with Ice Cream 2…Are you Ready?

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