Aagadu 100feet Cutout Rabhasa

By - September 15, 2014 - 10:29 AM IST

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Aagadu’s movie seems to be the most sensational film of the season.

Not just the teasers but even its cut outs are creating sensations. The recent being the 100 feet cut out sensation in Vijayawada.

Usually fans prestigiously erect huge cut outs and this time, they have erected a huge 100 feet cut out at the Alankar Theater center, Vijayawada. It is a busy junction with high tension transformers around. However, this cut out had no permission from the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation. So, the concerned officials directed the fans to remove the cut out.

Unfortunately one oblivious diehard Mahesh Babu fan who got hurt by this directive from the VMC jumped into a canal flowing by. He was immediately rescued by the police and he is reportedly unhurt, say sources.

Well, stars want their fans to adore and go gaga for them but not get into bizarre acts like this. The film is scheduled to release across 2000 theaters worldwide with a record 55 theaters in Tamil Nadu on the 19th of this September. Hope and wish Aagadu scores a big success with no further unfortunate events like these!

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