The Conflict Between Yesudas And Keeravani

By - September 14, 2014 - 12:01 PM IST

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Keeravani is oneof the most gifted music directors of Telugu Cinema who gave some brilliant melodies as well as power packed numbers since nearly three decades. Keeravani's songs speak of Telugu Nativity, sweetness and incredible musical excellence. Whenever a melodious thought provoking song is needed, the first ever choice of every yesteryear music director is veteran playback singer Yesudas. His soothing voice, expressive diction and amazing musical perfection can bring life to any composition with ease.

Both these legendary pesonalities are highly knowledgeable and talented in their own way! They are highly talented musicians! However, it is interesting to see a conflict occur even between these two great personalities.

Victory Venkatesh starrer Pavitra Bandham was being made with Mutyala Subbaiah as director in the year 1996. Keeravani composed the music for the film. The film has a song which speaks greatly about the life of a Woman, who transforms from a girl to a Housewife and her dedication towards family. The song written phenomenally by Sirivennela Sitarama Sastry garu goes this way:

“Apurupamainadhamma Aada Janma
Aa Janmaku paripoornatha Illalamma..”

Keeravani composed an equally heartfelt tune for these wonderful lines and the film’s team felt such song should be sung by a great singer like Yesudas. The day of recording arrived and Yesudas came to the studio. He learnt the song from Keeravani and got ready for the take. Yesudas started singing the first line “Apurupamainadhamma aada Janma” and continued with the second line. The real problem began here! Yesudas started singing the line “Aa janmaku paripoornatha illalamma” in a tune different from Keeravani’s composition and even started singing some gamakams there. Keeravani was pleasantly surprised to see Yesudas sing a different tune, though there was technically nothing wrong about it.

Keeravani said “Cut!” and explained Yesudas to sing in the tune which he composed but not the extempore one. This must be perhaps the first time a great singer like Yesudas was interrupted during the recording. Right to the situation, Yesudas couldn’t control his irritation and said “This is not a university!” to Keeravani! Clearly taken aback with such indignation from Yesudas, Keeravani got furious but again he thought that song recording is of top priority now and that has to be finished first! He silently agreed for what Yesudas sang by approving the take!

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