Junior Jayaprada Rocking Big Time!

By - September 13, 2014 - 09:42 PM IST

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There are many heroines in the entertainment industry who are glamorous, sexy and attractive but it takes real beauty of a woman to strike the hearts of the men. So, if you have to pinpoint such type of starlets then it is very rare. That rare trait was present in one actress. She is none other than Jayaprada. Nobody can forget her smile and her eyes which sent shockwaves.

She was blessed with beauty and immense acting talent. As years passed by, nobody could take her place but now one girl is being tagged as Junior Jayaprada. She is Kriti Kharbanda. When she made her debut in Tollywood, her striking beauty and killer smile earned her the tag of Junior Jayaprada.

Though luck didn’t favor her much here, Kriti has shown her mettle in the neighbouring circuit. The Kannada industry is currently going crazy over Kriti and she has become the queen of Sandalwood. The pretty girl is pairing up with the big guns in Kannada and scoring hits. Maybe it is time for our guys to give her another chance.