'Ice Cream-2' Finished in 8 Days

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You are already aware that during the release of the film Ice Cream, director Ram Gopal Varma and producer Tummalapalli Ramasatyanarayana had announced the new project Ice Cream 2. Though it is not a sequel, the ‘Ice Cream’ series are bound to come in sizeable number of editions.
The latest update is that Ice Cream 2 is already wrapped up and it took RGV and team just eight days to finish it. The film has established names like J D Chekravarthy, Nandu, Bhupal, Naveena, Tanikella Bharani and others. They form the principal cast and this is slated to be a horror thriller with a different twist.

Some scenes between the characters have got a slice of humor that will ease up the audience in theatres. And here is an interesting inside stuff, Ice Cream 2 has been made at a budget less than Ice Cream budget. RGV will anyhow reveal those details when the time is right but you are getting to know that first through iQlik.

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