'Anukshanam' Auction Super Success

By - August 20, 2014 - 02:40 PM IST

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The concept of path breaking films has always revolved around offbeat subject, unusual genres and some creative ideas behind the promotion. But what Ram Gopal Varma has done has redefined the very business structure of cinema. His latest venture Anukshanam has been sold through ‘auction system’ as opposed to the traditional distribution system.
The news from the Anukshanam camp is that the auction has become a huge success and RGV would be giving all the details through an official announcement very soon. Apparently, just the base price given for the auction was four times their recovery.
But after taking the average of all the centers, the overall response was overwhelming and the film is releasing with table profits. Starring Manchu Vishnu as a cop, the film is an edge of the seat thriller revolving around a psycho killer. For now, the eye of many cine members is on the ‘auction’ concept and they are eagerly waiting for details from RGV.

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