Superstar's Vanity Van Creates Ruckus

By - August 20, 2014 - 02:47 PM IST

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Anything that has to do with a superstar is big and grand. And if the star is a Bollywood icon then the magnitude is more so if things go in negative manner then the ruckus is also more. This is something the Bollywood’s Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan is experiencing right now and the reason for that is his Vanity Van.
Well, it is not a mini-size van but a luxuriously customized big bus which cost SRK few crores. Apparently, King Khan doesn’t want this bus to be out of sight so he got a ramp built in front of his home ‘Mannat’ in Mumbai for the Vanity van to be parked. This has spurred a major controversy as the locals are very unhappy about it.
They have filed numerous complaints against SRK alleging the ramp has been built on a public property and it is blocking the access to stairs that lead to the famous Mount Mary Church. As of now, the Mumbai Municipal corporation has ordered for some action but the locals have made it clear that if the authorities don’t demolish that ramp and send the Vanity Van away they are going to deal it their own way. Wonder what the superstar will do about this.

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