AR Rahman's Challenge To Students

By - November 01, 2014 - 04:44 PM IST

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He came in as a shy and silent young boy from Chennai and emerged to be a whizkid in the world of music. Today, he has earned the prestigious Oscar and Grammy awards for his compositions. True to his achievements, he has earned the moniker of Mozart Of Madras. He is none other than A R Rahman.

Now, this musical genius has thrown a challenge to the students of the prestigious Berklee College in the USA. Recently, Rahman received an honorary doctorate from this esteemed institution and interacting with the students, he shared many of his experiences and thoughts on the music circuit.

Not stopping at that, Rahman threw a challenge to the students of Berklee. He wants them to study Indian music and then come up with innovation in those tunes. While the students were captivated in his presence, they rose up to the challenge and said they would. This will be an interesting fusion.