No luck for Nani again?

By - November 21, 2014 - 09:17 AM IST

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If it happens once, it is an accident!

If it happens twice, it is misfortune.

But if the same thing repeats, it is sheer Bad luck! And Nani seems to be the care of address for it now. At a point, his First name was Success and he was the cynosure of all eyes. But just two duds changed the entire picture.

Well that’s the change a flop can bring in this tricky world of glamor.  Now the latest advancement is that his much awaited film JandaPaiKapiRaju (actually Nani is waiting more than anyone) isn’t releasing on the 28th of November as announced earlier. After repeated postponements, the film is expected to release on this 28th and even Nani shared a release poster on his Twitter handle but looks like he has got no luck even this time.

Films of big star heroes and directors haven’t released for years together. There is a sentiment in film industry , if any movies gets postponed more number of times then it’s a sure shot hit. So, let’s hope and wish the film sees the light of the day by this year end and Nani bounces back!