Is this Hot Bombshell Youth Icon?

By - January 13, 2015 - 06:45 PM IST

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Who according to you fits the bill of a youth icon? Usually, it is a hero who is not only handsome and dashingly attractive but also has the right brains and intellect to inspire you. Given those parameters, how can a hot bombshell become a youth icon? Well, something like that has happened so that’s the reason for this discussion.

We are talking about the hot seductress Mallika Sherawat and she has been chosen as the recipient of the International youth icon award at the Kalakaar Awards. Many are wondering on what grounds she got into that slot. Of course, Mallika is certainly a popular figure and gave a lot of heat to youth with her sex appeal.

But just because of those heat waves and sultry looks, can she become a youth icon? Those who admire her say this is in recognition of her international exposure as she worked with Jackie Chan in the movie The Myth and also got to meet up with US President Barack Obama. Whatever!