Who Will Inspire With 'Gopala Gopala'?

By - January 13, 2015 - 04:34 PM IST

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There are many times you feel that movies tend to influence and affect your thinking towards certain things in real life. There are also those intellectuals who feel people get influenced and affected by cinema. But perhaps all this could be an exaggeration is the thought emerging from few others.

They are doing this analysis after looking at the film Gopala Gopala and its theme. Apparently, the character essayed by Venkatesh revolves around using ‘act of god’ in court of law and claiming his insurance and also for others. As fair and convincing as it may look on silver screen, nobody is attempting something like that outside.

Even the original Oh My God from which Gopala Gopala was made didn’t provoke anyone to attempt something like that when it arrived. Point is, audience is treating cinema as cinema and enjoying it virtually. Though some say what if something like this really happens but it is getting ended at a discussion level only.