Pawan Kalyan - Ram Charan film confirmed

By - February 28, 2015 - 09:48 PM IST

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With some unimaginable combinations popping up, we already had enough shocks in this season.

But the official announcement from producer Sharrath Marar (close aid of Pawan Kalyan) has in a way erased the misconception that there is a fissure in Mega family. In what seems to be a strategic move, Pawan Kalyan wishes to foray into film production as well.

As a part of it, he will be producing a film with none other than Ram Charan under his own banner very soon. The project is going to materialize and the details shall be out very soon. Besides this project, Pawan Kalyan is looking into initiate several other regional movies, stated Sharrath Marar.

Abbai Mega Powerstar under his Babai Powerstar’s production is something that the fans will be desperately looking forward to. Hopefully we wish to see this project hitting the screens in 2016 only. What say fans?