Rs 2- 4 Cr For Hindi Dubbing Rights

By - February 28, 2015 - 03:42 PM IST

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If there are those among you who treat cinema as purely business then remember that you need to come up with only mass oriented masala flicks to make money. In that segment, a new vertical is emerging in Tollywood. We are talking about the mass movies of Telugu getting dubbed into Hindi.

Sources say there is huge demand for mass masala movies irrespective of their box office performance. It is heard that the Hindi TV channels and distributors are buying for anywhere between 2 crores-4 crores for such movies and that has become a big business.

By taking the Hindi dubbing rights, the recovery is guaranteed because their market is big and they get revenue from ads and other sources. At the same time, the home audience and north Indian masses are also getting attached strongly to such subjects. This is a good sign for the Tollywood films.

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