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Yevadu review

“Four films on one ticket!!“

Posted: 13 January 2014-11:18 AM

Satya (Allu Arjun) and Deepthi (Kajal Agarwal) are lovers who reside in Vizag. Veeru Bhai (Rahul Dev) is a big goon in the town who eyes upon Deepthi and sends his henchmen to pick her up. Satya and Deepthi decide to elope knowing this.

Ram Charan (Ram Charan) is the son of Dr.Sailaja (Jayasudha) who comes to Vizag and starts killing Veeru Bhai and his followers. He successfully wipes off the entire gang, but members from Dharma (Sai Kumar) gang are also on the lookout for Ram Charan and make plans to kill him.

By the way who is Charan? Why does Charan kill the members of Veeru Bhai Gang? Why does Dharma want to kill him? What happens to Deepthi and Satya love story? The entire movie is all about these interesting twists and solving the mystery.

Ram Charan: Apart from his exhilarating dances, punchy dialogs and thrilling action episodes, he shall definitely impress you with his extremely earnest emotions. Ram Charan as an angry young man is tailor made for this role.

Allu Arjun: Though his role was a cameo, Allu Arjun scored more points than Cherry with his acute and brilliantly intense action. [May be Iddarammayilatho experience should have taught him!]

Kajal: She impresses you as a dainty, sensitive girl especially during the opening scenes of the film and in the “Cheliya…Cheliya…” song as well.

Shruthi Hassan: She was just pertained to songs. A sheer glamor job! Better luck next time Shruthi!

Amy Jackson: She was damn lucky to have got a few dialogs to utter and a decent screen time [Had better luck than Shruthi]. Being her debut Telugu film, she managed off the lip sync quiet decently. By the way, she was smoking hot in “Oye song…”

Sai Kumar (as Dharma): His tone bleaches off any rust in our ears. He has got a good share of powerful dialogs but unfortunately no complexity in his character. He just added glamor to the routine villain we see.

Rahul Dev: He is yet another regular baddie we have been seeing since ages. He deserves no special mention.

Kota Srinivasa Rao: He was impressive with his limited role. As a supporting baddie, he made his mark with his satirical comments in a typical Nellore slang. His final touch in the climax episode was highly amusing.

Brahmanandam: Amidst such high voltage action drama, he was the only scope of entertainment in the film. His screen time was enjoyable but not hilarious as we expect from him.

Murali Sharma: This brilliant actor in the lot was great as a shrewd cop.

Rest of the cast Ajay, Subbaraju Shashank et al did their part honestly.

Vamsi Paidipally is definitely known for his commercial recipes and this no less than his previous flicks.

- The first half was interesting, engaging and entertaining.
- The interval bang was predictable yet decent enough to keep us waiting for the second half.
- The second half is a true test for your real patience. You can see four films with scenes and characters you might have seen previously [Chatrapathi, Vikramarkudu, Mass and Nayak]

With a routine and predictable climax, Yevadu finishes off in a routine style!

Vamsi basically tried to serve old wine in a new bottle. The half burnt face (like Harvey Dent in Dark Knight), faces surgically imposed and the posters (like Face/Off) has managed to deliver an entertaining first half. But, he could not hold the interest losing it completely in the second half. It just went as a simulation of few previous films.

He couldn’t make the fullest use of actors like Sai Kumar and Kota. The impressive dialogs are the lone elements worth appreciating in the film. Especially Jayasudha’s dialog “Neelage andaru naku mogudu poyadu antoo untaru. Kaani pothu pothu oka magaadni ichadu!” bagged a great response from the audience.


- Ram Charan, Allu Arjun, Sai Kumar and Kota’s action.
- A different yet impressive screenplay.
- Brahmanandam comedy in the first half.
- Cherry’s dances especially in songs like “Freedom…” and “Ninnu chudakunte…”
- Exemplary dialogs


- The sluggish and spice less second half.
- Lack of comedy in the second half.
- Routine characters and plot

The songs by DSP are a just one-time listen. Ayyo Paapam song added zest to the film. While background score was just average except for the one with Telugu lyrics.

Cinematography by Shyam K Naidu was absolutely colorful. Choreography was too good and importantly Scarlett’s Ayyo Paapam song was amazingly zesty.

Yevadu is a typical mass entertainer. It is like an old wine in a new bottle with four films on one ticket! A sheer one-time watch for the regular audience but a Sankranthi feast for the fans! 


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