Uday Kiran Effect on Yevadu Release?

By - January 11, 2014 - 06:15 PM IST

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All blockades have subsided…

All hurdles are surpassed….

Mega Powerstar’s Yevadu is finally all set to go…1…2…3!!

On this note, there seems to be only one concern for the movie’s release.

With increasing uproar about Uday Kiran’s death, Uday Kiran fans have already expressed their anger over the Mega family yelling “Mega family down! Down!” on the funeral day. There is also a petition in Human Rights Commission in connection with this!

Now, Uday Kiran fans are likely to cause the postponement of Yevadu! The movie has already got postponed several times and is finally hitting the screens on this 12th January as a Sankranthi gift. The current market atmosphere is also quiet favorable for the film. At this juncture, yet another postponement is definitely not a good sign for Yevadu.

The four big families of this industry are controlling this industry. They are suppressing bright talented stars like our Uday Kiran. They have ruined his career. And they should be responsible for his death”, accused an agitated fan of Uday Kiran.

We are sorry for Uday Kiran. He too got several offers after that. He was just unlucky and his family problems might have forced him to commit suicide. You can’t simply blame Chiranjeevi and his family for this!” said a furious Mega fan.

There is also an inside remark that there aren’t any true fans for Uday Kiran but instead all the anti-Mega fans have come under one roof and misusing Uday Kiran’s name to intentionally cause inconvenience to Yevadu.

However, analysts opine that - there can be only public order concern to legally affect the film. Well it can be easily overcome as the court would provide extra security at all the theaters playing Yevadu in such cases.

So, can Yevadu have a smooth release and a cake walk towards success? We have to wait and see!