Yevadu and 1 report losses?

By - January 29, 2014 - 11:40 AM IST

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1-Nenonkkadine and Yevadu are the two big films that promised a great entertainment this Sankranthi. Well, they proved out to be two different films entertaining uniquely.

But, how much ever bitter it might sound, Ram Charan’s Yevadu and Mahesh Babu’s 1-Nenokkadine are reporting losses, according to trade market sources. Yevadu has so far reported about 30% loss of its overall budget while 1-Nenokkadine reports loss about 40% of its net budget.

Piled up interests due to the delay in the film release, disappointing overseas collections and the eventual decline in overall collections towards the end of January seems to be the reasons behind the losses of Yevadu.

On the other hand, 1-Nenokkadine failing to impress the majority mass sections [so called B and C center audience] seems to be prominent reason to reclaim the whopping budget.

Though 1-Nenokkadine minted good enough in the overseas, Yevadu was reportedly the fore-runner in AP collections. However, both the films disappointed producers who put in millions counting on the stars and directors.