Sai Dharam's REY Movie Review & Ratings

By - March 27, 2015 - 01:45 PM IST

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Cast: Sai Dharam Tej, Shraddha Das, Saiyami Kher
Banner: Bommarillu
Editor: Goutham Raju
Cinematography: Gunashekaran
Music: Chakri
Producer: YVS Chowdary
Director: YVS Chowdary

Avg. User Rating: 2.5/5

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Tagline:  REYYYYY… Shout for Life!


Rock (Sai Dharam Tej) is a crazy go-getter in Jamaica living out illegal activities. He encounters Amrutha (Saiyami Kher), a budding dancer aspiring to win the ‘Best of the World’ dancer title. Over a course of events, Rock falls in love with Amrutha and locks horns with American pop star Jenna (Shraddha Das) in the Best of the World Dance competition. How did Rock take over Jenna’s menace and win the title and Amrutha’s love forms the rest of the plot!


Sai Dharam Tej: No doubt he was dynamic in the film. From the super mass mucky dialogues to the out-of-the-world fights, he did everything to be a mass hero. Sai Dharam got under the skin of the character of ‘Rock’ with his hyper body language and dialogue delivery. His energy in the songs were in fact was impressive but the dances were not exceptional.

Saiyami Kher: A glam doll with a perfect poker face who fails to win the audience’s interest in not even one frame.

Shraddha Das: She was hot and sexy enough to grab your eyeballs but it was disheartening to see an able actor like her in a doltish role like Jenna.

Ali: He tries his best with his share of substandard comedy as Lungi Baba

Venu Madhav: He was bearable with his comedy but we wonder who dubbed for him in the film!

Thanikella Bharani: An exceptional actor like him was rather underutilized and that too for some half-pie dialogues used to elevate heroism.

The Jamaican & American cast in fact were exceptional with their dialogue delivery. Can you believe? They nailed their share of Telugu dialogues!


YVS Chowdary was a promising director until he unleashed Okka Magadu. Well ignoring the past, you come to Rey with a fresh mind (of course, smart ones leave that at home). Rey is a decent storyline on paper but when translated onto the silver screen, it takes the vilest form possible.

The Jamaican backdrop of the film is in fact a gimmick to promise something new and nothing more than that. The hyper hero’s body language and histrionics might go well with the mass audience but they rather go overboard most of the times.

The mission of the protagonist was worthy enough to watch but the commercial over action, forced songs, out of the world actions sequences, the imbecilic villainy and not to be forgotten the mainstream punch dialogues might test the endurance levels of a hard core fan as well. If you assume Ali, Venu Madhav and Raghu Babu can offer you some relief, sorry you are day-dreaming. Instead the Jamaicans and Americans speaking good Telugu can tickle your funny bone. [Even the CNN guys speak Telugu. Now how’s that?] With its own flaws in both writing and presentation, here is how the film transcends…

First Half: The first half was a decent affair with Sai Dharam Tej’s performance and the glamor of Saiyami until the hero’s mission is set.

The Interval bang is a bang in true sense [Someone’s looking for a break!]

Second Half:  The cartoon comedy of Shraddha’s gang and the low brow comedy of Ali & Venu Madhav should pulls off for a while and the conflict between Sai Dharam and Shraddha should take care of the proceedings. The last 20mins which is touted to be an astonishing affair will finish off things in style and absolute chaos.  

- All-round performances of Sai Dharam Tej and Shraddha Das.
- The story line with a refreshing Jamaican & American backdrop.
- Decent Cinematography and Editing.
- Production Values

- The insipid and daft narration of the story.
- The out of the world action and absolute lowbrow comedy.


Late Chakri gave a versatile yet perplexing album for an average music lover to appreciate and relish. However, the director tries to picturize the songs to the best of his caliber.


The much anticipated Golimaar remix song was well used in the story but fail to measure up to the snuff.


Rey is a YVS mark Hyper energetic, switch-off your brains and senses type mass masala film. Rey and ‘Rock’ slams it hard that the frenzy of hardcore Mega fans and the impression over YVS can go for a toss!