Telangana Raju's Conquering In Discussion

By - March 27, 2015 - 03:43 PM IST

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The state of Telangana is considered to be the power center for the Reddy and Velama communities at a political level but at the cinema level, it appears that only one man is ruling the roost. He is none other than Dil Raju and his conquests are now coming under discussion.

Considered once as the man with the golden hand, Dil Raju is releasing movies in Telangana like a flood. The list of his releases comprise names such as Jil, Lion, the magnum opuses Baahubali, Rudramadevi 3D and the sought after movie S/o Sathyamurthy.

In the given rush of flicks, it is only the Sai Dharam Tej starrer Rey which is being released by Global Movies banner. That way, Dil Raju has conquered the Telangana distribution market in a big way. Even if half of the films work at the box office, he would become the king of distribution.

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