Ram Gopal Varma Vs Vennela Kishore

By - March 27, 2015 - 09:00 PM IST

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If you are an avid cine buff then you don’t need an introduction to the two names we have mentioned in the headline. Yes, the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma and the versatile comedian Vennela Kishore have earned fame in their own craft. But now they seem to have intersected at a path.

This has to do with their reactions on the loss of team India in the world cup cricket semifinals. RGV came up with tweets which smelt controversial and somewhat intimidating. Here is what he wrote-

‘I am sooooo happyyy India lost because I hate cricket..nd if there's anything I hate more than cricket then it's people who love cricket
I hate cricket because I love my country and cricket makes my countrymen most non productive because they stop working and start watching
I wish and pray to all Gods of my country to cure my country men of this dangerous disease called cricketitis
I request the other countries teams to defeat Indian team again and again till it stops playing and Indians stop watching and start working
Addiction of Alcohol and cigarettes only does limited and mostly personal harm but addiction to cricket is a national disease
I personally like Anushka Sharma's performance much much More than the performance of whoever and whatever her boyfriend is?’
On the contrary, Vennela Kishore gave his reactions which brought smirks and smiles. Here are those lines-

‘Australia team lo andariki thondaraga batting raavalani korukuntu i m back to my shot..will be back..god speed india
Thoughts r jumping between #WeWontGiveItBack to #WeMightGiveItBack .. Not checking updates anymore..tension on sets..
Keep calm n put balm
Cup ivvatledu ra..just oka 4 years thakattu pedthunnam anthe..malla vidipinchukuntam le..#wewillonlygiveit2NZ
Whatever it is #loveyoudhoni .. #BleedBlueForever #wewillonlygiveit2NZ’
That’s how cricket has gone into the cine industry and that’s how the celebs are receiving it!

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