Samantha is a sweetie pie for sure! But this week, she has been quite a sensation! We even wonder whether one can be a sensation for this!

Samantha has been a lucky charm for Tollywood with almost 7 hits out of the 9 films released so far! From a star to a lesser known faces, she added magic to whatever film she did! And you simply can’t call her a glam doll and you better know that! She is one the shutterbugs love both on and off the 70mm. With such a good track record and the typical ‘good girl’ image, she has accidently landed up in the eye of the storm suddenly.

Her twitter comments pronouncing “regressive” referring to a movie wallpaper [touted to be 1-Nenokkadine wallpaper] has stirred the hornet’s nest! The moment she tweeted so, she had to feel the heat of the fans. Her co-star and rumored beau Siddharth came to her rescue defending her freedom of speech. But, he too wouldn’t have expected trends like “#GetLostSamnthaAndSiddharth” and #Twitterterroristsiddarthunclestirring up against him. The hulchul which started up with Samantha ended up with Siddharth - a complete stranger to the context!

There were no bold public statements, no hate speeches; no excuses demanded but a tiny tweet of Samantha create a sensation in twitter which was never expected! Keeping aside the intentions of the participants, we came to know that she has got a “good friend” among her co-stars in the name of Siddharth!

And she is undoubtedly our SENSATIONAL STAR OF THE WEEK!

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