In this showbiz business, Success makes Stars and Stars live on Success.

But in this tricky world, there are few stars who are absolutely unaffected by Success/Failure! They are mere passing clouds to those stars. Neither the affection of their fans nor the stars’ zeal to entertain them is affected.

One such star hero is Raviteja. From being an assistant director to Mass Maharaja now, Raviteja has come a long way in this world. Interestingly, Raviteja is a supporting actor in Premakuvelayara (1999) where JD Chakravarthy was the hero. While in Dubai Seenu (2007), Raviteja was the hero and JD was the supporting actor! This is one such example of how things change here in this glitzy world. But, Raviteja kept consolidating his image and market, entertaining his fans. Now, he is no more Raviteja but indeed Mass Maharaja!

However, he was at low ebb with back-to-back flops and when his market was worrisome, he made a grand comeback with Power! With Mahesh Babu’s film around the corner, if Power could put some best box-office figures (estimated to be above Rs. 15C approx. in the 1st weekend) in Raviteja’s career, it is the content and on top of it, Raviteja’s magic. And hence, he is our SENSATIONAL STAR OF THE WEEK!

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