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Colour Xerox Moment
Posted On 17 Dec 2013 - 09:47 AM

Jirox…oops…sorry…we mean Xerox isn’t just the process of making identical print copies but indeed a multi-national company that manufactures copy machines or in other words, our xerox copies!

But here in films, by ‘Xerox Moments’, we refer only to filmmaking practices and works predominantly of our Tollywood gems, especially simulating any previous work done in any nook and corner of the world!

Our radar has been scanning from the beginning of the year and honked “ALERT…ALERT…ALERT!!!” when it spotted the giant Baahubali. Yes…Baahubali is unarguably the most anticipated, awaited and as well as touted movie of this decade probably. Because, films of this genres and magnitude rarely happen!
Only a few like S.S. Rajamouli have the guts and caliber to attempt such stuff! And only Rajamouli can attempt it twice! On a frank note, he is an indubitable creative genius and you can’t deny that! He is such a trade master that even with a housefly he can score a blockbuster or may be even with a cockroach he can repeat the same feat [Just remembering the 2010 Australian short film ‘Cockroach’ which has a similar storyline of Eega]. He redefined terms ‘visual brilliance’ and ‘goosebumps’ with his intense and intact storytelling. Nevertheless to say, stars are longing to work with him and fans can wait for years together if he announces a film!

At such personal heights and such adulation, a film like Baahubali was announced. So, naturally the expectation would be sky high! Amidst such expectations, the first look of Baahubali was released on the eve of Prabhas’ birthday. People were enthralled with the teaser and overwhelmed to have seen the sheer brilliance of it. But at the same juncture, we were reminded that we are living in 2013, where weddings are happening through Facebook and social revolutions through smart phones. After the release of Baahubali’s first look, within no time statements like “Baahubali is copied, Rajamouli is a copycat, Baahubali copied from Hollywood” etc started wandering in the web! And Youtube videos showing Baahubali teaser and the video “The Amazing videohivers (3mins 38sec)” from which the teaser was allegedly copied were also flying out. News bulletins, Facebook sharing, Youtube hatred comments and what not!

On the other hand, the makers have condemned such “copied” allegations but instead disclosed that it was a graphic template that they have purchased from a website named ‘videohive.net’. As a matter of fact, videohive is an online portal that merchandises graphic templates in which “Amazing Videohivers” was also a part of their collection.

But out in the reality, majority of fans who know no internet, Facebook, Youtube tend to believe these plagiarism (copying) allegations. It might be copy or not but that is how Baahubali earned a “copycat” remark! And that is why Baahubali is our XEROX ITEM OF THE YEAR!


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